Mission Statement

The Foundation’s goal is break the chain of poverty through education by motivating homeless adults to pursue college education for degrees, certificates, and vocational skills which are the essential tools to lead them to gainful employment and permanent housing.

Our mission to help achieve the above goals is seeking out talents and possibilities in our current and potential students, guide and empower them through supportive case management service which includes active outreach, crisis prevention and intervention for job and housing search, tangible aids, and engagement with various community programs and services.

Our mission is being carried out partnering with citizens, colleges, local community groups, faith communities, churches and government entities.

Jean Kim Foundation for the Homeless Education

Is a a three year old mission with 501 C (3) tax exempt status, launched in 2015 by Rev. Dr. Jean Kim, a clergy woman of PC (USA).   Rev. Kim has been a life-long advocate for the homeless and has tirelessly advocated for a strong PC(USA) commitment to ending homelessness. She helped spearhead the passage of General Assembly overtures on ending homelessness and subsequently spoke on behalf of Presbyterian Women and the Presbyterian Hunger Program at churches across the country from 1998-2004. Upon receiving 80th birthday gifts of $20,000, she was determined to put those gifts to use to help poor and homeless people meet their basic human needs., She intends to leave this mission as her final gift, after founding and co-founding and serving many such missions in the nation.

Jean has been examining the feasibility of this mission by offering educational opportunities to the half of 120 poor/homeless adults who approached her with strong motivation to pursue college education. Her examination of one year’s experience gave her the motivation to move ahead with this project. She recruited a strong board to direct the work of the new Foundation that bears her name.

The Foundation offers access to 4 opportunities to the homeless: 1) community college enrollment; 2) apprenticeship job training; 3) training with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation; 4) and participation in a literacy program.

However, we have discovered that, without stable housing, educational goals can never  be achieved. With funding from the Presbyterian Women, we will develop safe and secure temporary housing to address this need. With funding from local sources, we will offer support services to address other challenges that our students face. We will hire a licensed case manager and a licensed mental health counselor to assist Jean (herself licensed in these fields) and carry on this work after she is no longer able to do so.