This is my personal note to people I associate closely with.

Jean K. with mask

As most of you noticed I wear mask all the time including bed time. My profession is dealing with people and talking with them. Wearing mask doesn’t look good. Many people wonder why I wear mask. Some wonder if I have any contagious disease or want to protect myself from the crowd. These questions compel me to write about it and ease people from discomfort in associating with me.

According to my mother, I suffered from whooping cough at age 5. Ever since, I developed asthma and suffered bronchitis almost every winter with severe cough. Usually it gets worse in winter.  Any chilly air, rain and wind, and any burning and spice smells, and even drinking chilly water trigger cough from which severe bronchitis easily develops along with a severe cough. This has been going on for the past 77 years.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed to have lung fibrosis which is a disease that causes the lungs to dry out, difficulty to breath and eventually stop breathing and die. Some people die fast, and others linger.

Cause of lung fibrosis is not known but some literature hints that people who suffer from GERD (acid reflux) can have it. I too have been suffering from GERD for many years which proceeded to the pre-esophagus cancer which can also be fast moving. But it is not quite cancer yet.

Wearing a mask not only prevents me from breathing in all chilly air or spice/burning smell but also functions as humidifier and prevents me from breathing in the dry air blowing from heating system in winter, all of which trigger a cough. Wearing mask prevents from unnecessary cough; the more I cough the more bronchial tubes are irritated. The more they are irritated the more cough is being triggered. These are the reasons why I need to wear mask all the time. But lung fibrosis is not contagious.

I am so grateful that God put all these detrimental conditions on hold so that I can serve my homeless friends.

I also suffer from several other silent killers such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar and failing kidney without mentioning my past 13 small and large surgeries. For these conditions I am under care of four doctors. But I can’t take medications due to side effects. So, I do what I can do with diet, exercise, herb meds, teas, prayer and sharing love and serving others as much and as well as I can with my limitation.

I am not sure how long I will live under all these deadly conditions but as long as God keeps them on hold I will continue to serve until my last ounce of energy phases out.

Thank you all for your understanding. May God bless you all abundantly.