1. Help students to obtain Federal Student Aid and enroll to community colleges or
    4-years-colleges including online courses in variety of subjects.
  2. We work with current and potential students for job search – temporary jobs or
    internships or jobs related to the subjects of their study.
  3. Vocational training in partnership with Apprenticeship programs,
    I-CATCH (Health Care career), and Adult Culinary Art (Cooking). This job training will include Pay, College Credits, Certification, and Job Placement.
  4. If students do not want level 1 or 2, we can help you through Dept. of Vocational
    Rehabilitation for vocational skill training.
  5. We can also offer an individualized literacy program; reading and writing.
  6. We help those who are in trouble with the law to pursue college education in partnership with the Next Step Program of Edmonds Community College.
  7. We offer temporary housing (tents, see photos below) for single homeless students.
  8. We offer case management service with tangible material aids according to needs.
  9. We also do referral services.