Shepherd’s Village – Housing for homeless students

How we started

1. We started with 5 tents for 5 Edmonds Community College students.

THP- 5 tents
Shepherd’s Village – our first 5 tents

2. Storage, toilet and study room were provided.  The fixture on the right is the study room.

Shepherd’s Village – Storage, toilet and study room

3. Placed a fence around the tents, storage, toilet and study room to provide a secured environment with a combination lock to protect from intruders.

Shepherd’s Village – Built a fence with a combination lock for protection

4. Rain and snow collapsed the tents.  In January and February and all through the raining season, tents collapsed and became unusable.

THP-Collapsed tents
Shepherd’s Village – Rains and snow collapsed the tents

5. We installed tarps above the tents, hoping that it would prevent the tents from collapsing.  Neighbors and city council members came and help.

Shepherd’s Village – Installed taps above the tents

6. The rain and snow collapsed the tarps protecting the tents.  The tarps couldn’t handle the rain and snow and everything collapsed again, unbelievable!

Shepherd’s Village – The rain and snow collapsed the tarp and tents

7. We installed a canopy over the tents.  Of course, we are fine during the summer, but we will see how that holds up the rain and snow.  So far so good! We even installed small solar lights so that it is not entirely dark at night.

Shepherd’s Village – Installed canopy over tents and small solar lights

In a period of 9 months, we have had 12 students lived in our tent village, including the 4 students who are residing here now. We could only have up to 5 students at a time. We had some high turn-over because of the issues with the tents and the weather conditions.  We also screen out people due to their current history of substance abuse, violence and mental health issues.

Final Goal

8. Replace all the tents with insulated lighted units, one student per unit (8x8x8).

Shepherd’s Village – final goal: replace existing tents with this 8x8x8 units.

We are collecting funds to replace tents with “Tiny Houses”

How can people help

  1. Make contributions towards Tiny House Project fund.  Any amount is welcome and appreciated.
  2. Help with installation of the units.  Those who have construction experience would be of immense help.

We are a federally recognized 501(c) (3) organization, so you can deduct your donations to us from your taxes!

Checks made payable to:

Jean Kim Foundation
PO Box 1835
Lynnwood, WA  98046

EIN # 47-4595766 (July 28, 2015).