Would you Like to do an Internship with US?

Field/Profession we offer for internship: Areas of Human Service/Social Work

Who do we serve?

Current and potential adult college students who are healthy and bright but, some are physically and/or emotionally, mentally, and legally challenged as well, who also struggle with rental, housing, economic and employment barriers; live in poverty and/or homelessness. Despite these obstacles, they hold God-given potentials and possibilities and are highly motivated to pursue college education to end their poverty/ homelessness by gaining self-sufficient life.

Values of Interns:

We need interns who have compassion, love and empathy toward current and/or potential students who go through life struggles, and value, respect and treat them exactly as the intern themselves want to be treated.
Interns must have good interpersonal skills and able to deal with difficult people.

What the student intern supposed to do?

  • Practice theory you learned in the classroom.
  • Active outreach to the community including campus where our current and/or potential students hang out.
  • Offer peer support to current students, encourage and motivate potential students to pursue college education by active listening to where they are, where they are heading to and what they want to achieve, what are their major obstacles and/or what their immediate needs are.
  • Report back to Rev. Jean Kim, supervisor, for what you learned and for the further discussion.
  • Learn to do charting and do intake, fill out various forms, and make appointment with pastor Jean Kim for FSA, enrollment and case management service.
  • Lean to intervene for solutions and possibly some skill to do case management.
  • Learn some theory and practice in mental health, counseling and social work.
  • Some reading and learn to write reports/charts.
  • We will work around your class schedule on individual basis but at least 5 -10 hours per week.

What Interns should NOT Do?

  • Do not make any decision alone regarding students’ needs.
  • Do not make any promises to students.
  • Do not judge any current or potential students.
  • Respect and keep the boundary between the intern and students.
  • Do not practice any type of your personal prejudice/discrimination to current or potential students.

Small Incentives will be given according to Intern’s performance and needs.

I would like to do internship with Jean Kim Foundation and faithfully put my theory in practice for the benefit of the poor/homeless current and/or potential students.