Job brief:
The Jean Kim Foundation is looking to hire a part-time case manager to work with homeless and unstably housed individuals within South Snohomish County find success in educational opportunities within Snohomish and King Counties. Case managers will also be doing outreach and work with community resources to eliminate barriers to education goals, like vital document attainment, housing, and mental health/substance abuse services.

The current case management position will be given an $18,000 stipend for their work.

Job Responsibilities:

● Engage clients— and, when appropriate, other members of client systems—in an
ongoing information-gathering and decision-making process to help clients identify their
goals, strengths, and challenges.
● Collaborate with clients to plan, implement, monitor, and amend individualized services
that promote clients’ strengths, advance clients’ well-being, and help clients achieve their
● Advocate for the rights, decisions, strengths, and needs of clients and shall promote
clients’ access to resources, supports, and services.
● Promote collaboration among colleagues and organizations to enhance service delivery
and facilitate client goal attainment (2013 National Association of Social Workers).

● Coordinate and provide care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, and
● Handle case assignments, draft service plans, review case progress, and determine
case closure
● Help students navigate each stage of the post-secondary education system: school
search, application, financial aid, school terms, graduation, post-graduation
● Keep an updated roster of all current and potential students with updated contact
information of active, interested students
● Regularly contact all students on the list weekly to:
○ Keep students on task
○ Arrange counseling, medical, advising appointments
○ Arranging appointments for students
○ Updating status of what students are doing each week

● Establish partnership with community colleges, WorkSource/ Employment Services/
Career Training (Apprenticeship program, I CATCH – Healthcare career and Adult
Culinary Art, DVR, Substance Treatment Services, Mental Health Services, re-entry
programs at colleges, housing resources
● Offer crisis prevention, intervention and advocacy with various tangible aids according to student’s needs.

● Do outreach to local mission programs such as meal programs where they can be
reached at to observe and offer an ongoing support for current students and solicit future potential students.
● Meet in person with as students each week at outreach events to keep an updated
record of all student’s contacts and keep a monthly tally of what students are doing to
further their education goals.
● Interview, screen, and intake future residents of Jean Kim Shephard’s Village; Help them fill out application form and conduct in-depth interview to achieve a thorough
● Monitor and supervise the Shepherd Village residents and operation.
● Apply random alcohol and drug test to enforce sobriety.
● Submit monthly/quarterly reports to the Board of Directors and weekly reports to lead
case manager.
● Solicit grants by writing grant proposals.
Note: The part-time Case Manager position will be considered an independent contractor and will need to file separate federal income taxes. As this is a beginning organization, There will not be health care or other benefits.

● Working experience in case management, including as a nurse, medical, mental health
care manager or a related job highly encouraged
● Comfortable working with oppressed communities
● Excellent knowledge of case management principles, healthcare management and
● Effective communication skills
● Excellent organizational and time management skills
● Problem solving skills and able to navigate local city, state, and federal systems and
● Able to work independently or as a team
● Current license, certification or registration recommended
● BS degree in related healthcare field preferred

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject “JKF Case Manager Position”