Thank you for seeing what you can do to support our mission! We have many ways that you can get involved.


At the Jean Kim Foundation, we are always looking for contributions and support for our endeavors. Anything that you can spare, we would love to have. That includes:

Goods and services

At JKF, we are currently looking for:

1. Assistance with printing (free or discount)
2. Bicycles/parking racks and lockers
3. Car repair/ tabs/ insurance
4. Cell Phones; capable of internet, texting, e-mails: Average $40.00
5. Coffee and bottle drinking water
6. Gas vouchers – average $30.00
7. Gift cards ($10.00)
8. Gift cards (McDonald/Starbucks or other)
9. Laptops with up to date MS Office installed
10. Laundry vouchers – $20.00 one load including drying
11. Motel vouchers – average $60.00 per night
12. Orca cards – average $50.00/mo
13. Parking space for cars
14. Phone bills – average $40.00/mo
15. Showers Vouchers – $4.00 each
16. Storage lockers (school locker type)
17. Tents durable under the snow

If you find that you have any of these things and are willing to donate those, please contact us and we can figure out how we can get your gifts into the right hands.


As you can see from our wish list above, we have a lot of things that we could use to remove barriers for our individuals. That being said, if you have a few extra dollars to donate and have us decide what to do with it, please contact us.


If you are unable to give physical goods, but are interested in volunteering your time, we have opportunities for you to join our mission:

  • We are looking for anyone who is interested in case management who is willing to do some volunteer case managing/outreach work. Or, if you are interested in a Stipend position, please click here.
  • Any volunteer or pro bono grant writers or those with grant writing experience.
  • Individuals who are skilled in English and Mathematics who are willing to provide tutoring
  • Anyone who is able and willing to provide office/clerical work
  • Skilled volunteer to manage the website, Facebook, or communications
  • Occasional provision of rides for individuals or staff
  • Partners to develop year-round shelter

Paid Position

As mentioned above, there is a part-time case manager position open that is providing a stipend. If you are interested, please see the job description.